Friday, September 29, 2006

President George W. with Major Hemby speaks to Aide of GW...

After a speech by President George W. to the Reserve Officers' Association on Friday, 29 September anno domini 2006, the aide to the first "President George W." was asked by the Air Force Flight Nurse Major Hemby to take her little digital camera, akin to a "spy camera" and snap a shot of her shaking hands with the President.

The aide to "President George W." framed the shot, pressed the shutter button, yet the shutter did not click.

At this defining moment in an amateur (very amateur) photographer's life, the equipment did not seem to be working correctly.

The aide to the first "President George W." showed a worried look on his face, when President George W. said, "You don't look like you know how to operate that thing."

The only answer that could be made, is "You're right."

Then the shutter snapped, and the shot was made.

Notice however that the focus of the photo, the handshake is not shown, but at least two folk are having a good laugh at the photographer.

However, in this crop of the shot, you see that the Secret Service agent behind the President has a much different expression, like "Boy oh boy, some folks can't even push a button correctly..."

Now you see why General George W. has many aides, some who can handle words, and others, pictures.

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