Friday, January 26, 2007

His (Modest) Excellency George Washington

His (Modest) Excellency
If You Can Keep It
By Mark Coombs
Jan 24 2007
If You Can Keep It

In 1932 — the year in which our first president, George Washington, would have celebrated his two-hundredth birthday — Harvard historians were busy trying to figure out exactly how to sum up the man, his life and his career.

They determined, according to authors Patrick Gerster and Nicholas Cords, that a comparison or two might be in order.

As it were, however, no less than seven would prove satisfactory.
Washington, our Crimson friends wrote, “was bolder than Alexander, more crafty than Hannibal, wiser than Caesar, more prudent than Gustavus Adolphus, more resourceful than Frederick, more sagacious than Napoleon and more successful than Scipio.”

’Twas, put simply, quite the “World’s Best Dad” acclamation for the Father of the United States.

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