Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mercy Me! Meet the Warren Family!

"GrandPaPa George" Revolutionary Reader Read-Along at the Founders' Inn in Virginia Beach with the wonderful Warren family of nearby Chesapeake where some time ago a much younger GW surveyed a route through the Great Dismal Swamp for the Chesapeake and Albemarle Canal as part of the grand plan to promote interstate commerce by means of an extensive network of intracoastal waterways.

The books in the young lady's lap are the "Jefferson Bible" (the lavender book) that tells the truth about the first "Jefferson Bible" being a "Gospel Tract" from the "Great White Chief" - the President, and what some historians and politicians say about Jefferson "cutting out the parts he did not agree with, the Virgin Birth, and the Miracles" is very deceptive. The truth is that the "Jefferson Bible" is very close to what we today might describe as a "Red Letter Only" New Testament. That explains why the Virgin Birth and the description of Jesus' Miracles are "cut out", because Jesus never described the Virgin Birth, or the Miracles. However, in one verse in John, Jesus did list the Miracles, which Jefferson included, so Jefferson did NOT deny the Miracles of Jesus by "cutting them out" of the so-called "Jefferson Bible".

The top book is a children's book telling of the Constitutional Convention where Washington was unanimously elected as the President over the Convention. One writer has tabulated that 38 of the 55 men at the Constitutional Convention had served under Washington's command, and so had total faith in Washington's integrity and leadership.

The light blue book is "The Making of George Washington" by W.W. II Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Brigadier General William Hale Wilbur, US Army. It is probably the best book written to understand the unique way Washington was educated to prepare him to be the greatest leader in American history and the Man for the Millenniums, the most important man in the whole wide world in the past 1000 years!

The book in the lap of "GrandPaPa General" is the book about Trenton written in the Year of Our Lord 2004 by "Second Lady" Lynne Cheney. The Warren's had already read that book, so instead GrandPaPa George read to them a favorite of his and his aide's beloved boy Jamey, the book "George Washington's Breakfast". Three copies of the book had been sent to General Washington by a children's literature expert, Mrs. Murray, in the fall of a.d. 2000.

In December a.d. 2000, one copy was given to Senator-Elect George Allen at the Hotel Roanoke (see post on that occasion below). About the same time another copy was sent to "Mrs. President George W." -- the First Lady Laura Bush, and she sent a nice thank you note.

Here in this photo you can compare the painting on the wall, "the real thing", and the printed picture on the greenback GW dollar.

Notice the noses.

By the way, that explains how this man fit "The Making of George Washington" as the book title says; Jeremiah 1:5 reads: "God knew His purpose for you before He formed you in your mother's womb to be a prophet to the nations."

That explains why God took an extra long time to form....

... an extra long nose...

so this man could portray George Washington, "the father of His country"!

Oh yeah!

By the way, the fine photographer is the marvelous Mama of these cute children, Mrs. Kathleen Warren. She also took a video, but it has not yet been prepared for posting by the much overworked (and underpaid ?) aide to General Washington, perpetual Midshipman Manship. So come on back to see when the video gets posted too. Thanks, and enjoy!

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