Saturday, June 17, 2006

George Washington - Man of the Millennium - Millennium Year Tour of America!

In the Millennium Year of anno domini 2000, a journey of over 30,033 miles crossing America from Sea to Shining Sea was begun and completed in a five month period from Washington's Birthday, 22 February to twenty days beyond America's Birthday, 4 July.

The journey was called:
"The CROSSings: All Across America, Journey (with Jesus), by George! A Prayer Pilgrimage.

The Prayers of George Washington were prayed kneeling in the Capitol or on the grounds, morning and evening, in or at each of the 48 Continental State Capitols, and at least once at each of the 33 counties named for George Washington, as well as at many of the 121 towns, villages, and cities named for George Washington, all across America, this Land that is rightly called, "The Land of Washington".

There is an Op-Ed in The Washington Times in December a.d. 1999, that gives a description of the "Geography of America, by George!" that gives a hint at the immense impact that George Washington had on the formation of America -- and still has in influencing modern America.

The incredible "Journey, by George!" of over 30,033 miles was a "post-graduate" education to the "Nth Degree" beyond and above any Ivory Tower education degree in learning the full measure of the man and George Washington. The information acquired in this "Real World Classroom" was "PHD - Piled Higher and Deeper" than is done in any college classroom.

Other than a certificate from William and Mary College to be the County Surveyor for Culpeper, George Washington never received a degree from college. However, a professor at Harvard, Albert Bushnell Hart, once wrote: "George Washington was the best educated man of his time." "Best" means better than the other Founding Fathers like Adams and Jefferson.

This is the a.d. 1973 edition of "The Making of George Washington"

If you are interested in why the Harvard professor would say the "un-educated" (as measured by a college degree) George Washington was the "best educated" of the Founding Fathers, write a note below, including a request for the information, which will be sent to you, or go read "The Making of George Washington", by Congressional Medal of Honor winner BGEN William H. Wilburt in the a.d. 2005 edition by Patriotic Education, Inc, on pages 133-4.

These are the front and back covers of the a.d. 2005 edition of "The Making of George Washington", one of the finest books on Washington, and essential to understanding the true character of the man "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen, he was second to none..."

If you want to become a "Master of American History" on George Washington, or his greatest life achievement, his presence and his presiding over the creation of "this Constitution FOR the United States of America"; or you seek to be a "Professor" (one who professes) of Republican Philosophy (as in a "republic", versus a "democracy", not speaking of political parties) and recognize the insult it would be to be called a "Doctor of Democracy", this website and related ones are the best place for you to be to become truly "educated".

And thank you for having the interesting in learning, or being "educated", even if you will not get a college degree with this education. (or at least not at this time, though the ConstitutionCollege.US site will be launched in the not too distant future, so to provide for our tomorrows, building up on our Heaven inspired past.)

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