Wednesday, March 15, 2000


Dear Mrs. Carris Kocher,

I believe I mentioned the issue of the renamed George Washington
School in New Orleans.

Here is what in the tradition of Martin Luther, I posted on both the
school door and the school board door in New Orleans in March a.d. 2000.

With this same email I am posting it on my site and will later add a
transcript for my penmanship is hard to read...

I found this while looking for the essay on Cato, GW, and Sally
Fairfax to send to you. It may be coming forthwith.

Again, I so much enjoyed your family's visit yesterday to Mount Vernon.

Thank you all, or y'all, as we say south of that line that forms the
southern border of your state.

Your most humble & obedient servant,

James Renwick Manship
also known as "The General" ~
" George Washington LIVES ! "
Box 75, Mount Vernon, Virginia 22121
Washington Area Code: 202
Twice the Spirit of '76: -65-76-76-0

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