Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Master of American History" article in Washington Times, 29 Nov a.d. 2005

"Our Father" headline with "Master of American History" description in article by John McCaslin in the Inside the Beltway column in The Washington Times, 29 Nov a.d. 2005

Sunday, November 20, 2005

GW at Governor Jefferson Thanksgiving Festival in Charlottesville, Virginia

Come and bring the family to Charlottesville the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving Day to meet Governor Jefferson and his bride Martha, General Washington, Patrick Henry, James Madison, Dr. Gilmer, Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, and many other Revolutionary American heroes and heroines, like this little boy soldier whose Papa is a modern day Dr. Gilmer for the Special Forces in Afghanistan.

The Army doctor Dad (who is an Auburn "War Eagle" too) while in Afghanistan received correspondence (Ben Franklin's "electrified mail", or e-mail for short) from his children who for months told him that General Washington had knelt to "pray for their Papa, and Mama, friends and family, and for America" in the process of recruiting them to serve as Prayer Warriors.

The next year, when back from theater, with his wife who had come the year before alone with the couple's children while the father was away fighting for Liberty for America and the entire World, he brought his family and blessed the heart of GW with his family's story.

After Colonel George Rogers Clark in his buckskin uniform recruited and drilled the new Prayer Warrior soldiers, General Washington imparts some wise words about how each of these new recruits are essential to the future of America, and as Prayer Warriors, they are just as powerful as Colonel Clark or General Washington, because Our Father in Heaven listens to all our prayers equally.