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GEORGE WASHINGTON was described as the
"World's Apostle of Liberty"
by Thomas Paine.
"Washington" beside a Portrait of Washington
in Truman Library copied by a Japanese artist.
America is the "Land of Washington" 4 trips from Sea to Shining Sea,
to the State Capitols and 33 counties named for George Washington,
over 30,033 miles All Across America!

"National Treasure" was the headline in the
Fredericksburg, Virginia Free-Lance Star hometown paper of GW.

Greetings of a Standing Ovation by Virginia House of Delegates on George Washington's Birthday (a.d. 2001, 2002, 2006).
Washington" shakes hands with Nixon, Delegate Sam Nixon of Chesterfield.

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There is a February a.d. 2000 Teaching Journal essay of "Washington: Deist? Freemason? Christian?" that sets the record straight on those contentious questions. Another essay is on the origin of the famous Washington boyhood "Rules of Civility". Another is a Letter to the Editor refuting the erroneous scholarship of an employee of Mount Vernon who wrote a terrible article for Mothers' Day a.d. 1998 titled, "Washington and his mother: No Love Lost", when in truth, Washington was a very loving and loyal son, as his mother was to her son George. That letter reflecting good and true scholarship was read by an aide to Governor Gilmore that resulted in the Governor appointing me to the Board of Visitors to Mount Vernon later in a.d. 1998, where I served for 3 years.

In December a.d. 1999, with Michigan State Washington scholar Dr. William Allen as co-author, wrote an article titled "World's Greatest: The Man for the Millenniums - George Washington" with that tells much good information and about a page and a half of the true story of Washington and Slavery, but since such a viewpoint is not "Politically Correct", an email distribution to over 700 publications did not yield one known printing of the very well researched and written article. PC run amok in the media.

In a.d. 1999, over 120 performances were given as The Spirit of George Washington LIVES! to over 5000 high school students on tour to Washington, as well as other civic and church groups. Washington came alive in the minds, hearts, and lives of the future leaders of America!

In a.d. 2000, George Washington LIVES! traveled four times from Sea to Shining Sea to each of the 48 Continental State Capitols and 33 counties named for George Washington, over 30,033 miles from Washington's Birthday, 22 February to 24 July. See the map below...

Also there are links to other related Washington LIVES! websites at several places, and nicely gathered together at where we had a smashing good show when General Cornwallis surrendered his sword after 225 years of waiting. Create your own link by clicking the link line.

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Remember that in anno domini 1770, when Washington was just a retired Colonel of the Virginia Militia before ascending the stage of World History as a leading actor, he said,
"History is an essential study to better government."
Have fun preparing yourself as you learn more about Washington so to know how to work for a better government, indeed a better America for us all.

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George Washington's "American Stage" DVD - 6 short movies

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Or even better, book George Washington LIVES! for a LIVE performance that will make History, and his story, come ALIVE!

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Why Learn History?
Wise Words & Ways with Washington...

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This one page letter was prepared for a fine lady, Dr. Lois Williams, who served on the Virginia Beach School Board and who wished to have a description of why teaching History, and especially American History, was an important subject in American public schools, where "Social Studies", has supplanted Civics, Government, and History.

In a.d. 1770, retired Colonel George Washington said at Belle Glade, Ohio Territory (modern day Marietta, Washington County, Ohio): "History is an essential study to better government."

GW Statesmanship, Acting Revolutionary!

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REACH OUT – shake HIS nation – Be “Revolutionary”

Resolve to Revolve America forward on the firm Foundations of our Founding Fathers

Be an Actor on the American Stage – like George Washington and Ronald Reagan

Three Photo Captions:
“George W.” receives Ovation in Virginia General Assembly, Richmond
“George W. teaches kids...” Fredericksburg front page, photo at Ferry Farm, boyhood home
“George W.” beside “his” portrait in Harry Truman Library, Independence, Missouri

Statesmanship, or Acting in the Role of a Leader

America’s Educator and creator of America’s Dictionary, Noah Webster in 1828 wrote: (And note that once Webster applied for a job with GW, but was NOT hired.)

“Literary power and statesmanship
were combined in George Washington,
the greatest political leader of his time
and also the greatest
intellectual and moral force

of the Revolutionary period.

Everybody knows Washington
as a quiet member
of the Virginia Assembly,
of the two Continental Congresses,

and of the Constitutional Convention.

Few people realize that he was also
the most voluminous American writer
of his period,
and that
his principles of government
have had more influence
on the development of
the American commonwealth
than those of any other man.”

Fifty years before, in 1788, while waiting on the states to ratify the greatest accomplishment in his entire life, “this Constitution for the United States of America” – the Supreme statement of Statesmanship, one of the most
Sacred Documents in the History of Mankind – the President of the Constitutional Convention, retired General George Washington, wrote:

“A greater drama
is being acted on the American Stage

than heretofore has ever been
acted in the world.”

Not all “Acts” are “pretend” or fiction or drama, even though dramatic. In life are Acts of Courage, Acts of Kindness, Acts of Prayer, Acts of Grace, and Acts of God.

A member of the Virginia Assembly, and a teacher for three decades, and a man who knows His history, Delegate Lee Ware, wrote in 2002:

“What David McCullough and others are doing
between the covers of printed books,
Mr. Manship is doing in person...

the substantive information
combined with pageantry of costume

is an extraordinary entry
into the life and times of an era...”

I say, “I seek to share a ‘three dimensional portrait’ of The President ‘...first in the hearts of his countrymen’, George Washington, ‘He was second to none...’ ” The three dimensions to which I speak are his Public Life for America, his Private Life with family, and his Prayer Life from boyhood on.

Craftsmanship is key, I craft my “act”, my keynote, to your unique needs at your banquet or function.

--- Please contact me to learn of when I might be available for your function, or for information on the hundreds of companies, associations, conventions, schools, colleges, churches, or civic groups where “GW” has spoken.

For America’s Future, James Renwick Manship, Sr.


Happy Birthday George Washington, America's Original Action Hero, Caped Crusader for "tHis Constitution..."

The 22nd of February

Happy 275th Birthday, anno domini 2007

Happy 300th Birthday, anno domini 2032

"When the birthday of Washington is forgotten,
Liberty will have perished from the earth."
- President, 23 February a.d. 1860
(who was the President to whom I refer?)

How close are we in America today to have forgotten the true meaning of Washington when he is watered down and clumped together with lesser souls in a Madison Avenue mis-phrasing of "Presidents' Day"?

Take time to search this site to learn anew about the old and true... George Washington!

Welcome, and Happy Hunting in the fields of splendor for the Truth of George Washington!

Washington was described by Thomas Paine as "The World's Apostle of Liberty".

George Washington is America's Original Action Hero, a "Super Hero"

"The Caped Crusader for this Constitution",

"The Man for the Millenniums!"

The most important man in the world in the past 1000 years.
The first military man in over 2000 years since before Jesus Christ
since Cato and Cincinnatus of the Roman Republic;
the man who signed "Your most humble & obedient servant,"
the man who refused to be named King of America,
and thereby gave birth to our American Republic,
rightly earning the revered title of

"father of His country".

The Man for whom the Federal Holiday in February is named,
Washington Birthday Federal Holiday

(NOT "Presidents' Day", think rationally,
do "We, The People" really want to honor all the past presidents?
Think of the disgraces of Clinton, Nixon, Harding, Grant.)

And for those Presidents we do choose as worthy to honor,
let us create a new Presidents Day for April 13th,
the middle of the longest time between federal holidays.

As was said by General and Congressman "Light Horse Harry" Lee,
father of General Robert E. Lee, in his eulogy of 26 December a.d. 1799,
George Washington was, and ever should be...

"first in war, first in peace,
and first in the hearts of his countrymen;
he was second to none..."

Washington at Reagan's Boyhood Home,
Fathers' Day a.d. 2000, Dixon, Illinois

Second to None, before Ronald Reagan (Republican)
Second to None, before Thomas Jefferson (Republican, not Democrat)
Second to None, before Theodore Roosevelt (Republican)
Second to None, before Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat)
Second to None, before Harry Truman (Democrat)
Second to None, before Andrew Jackson (Democrat)
Second to None, before even Abraham Lincoln (Whig, Republican)

Presidential Portraits, in Paint and Person...

Harry S. Truman portrayer, Neil Johnson
Japanese artist copy of "keyhole" portrait
George Washington portrayer, J.R. Manship;
Photo taken on Harry Truman's Birthday,
the 8th day of May, in the Year of Our Lord 2000, in the town of Independence, Missouri, at the Truman Presidential Library.

We at W.I.S.E.
Washington Institute for Statesmanship Education
welcome your wise comments,
and quotes by folks famous,
not so famous,
and even infamous quotes,
or "wise-cracks" about
George Washington.

So we can keep a pulse on the "body politic"
and assure that
George Washington LIVES
in the minds and hearts of Americans!