Saturday, February 22, 1997

GW Statesmanship, Acting Revolutionary!

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REACH OUT – shake HIS nation – Be “Revolutionary”

Resolve to Revolve America forward on the firm Foundations of our Founding Fathers

Be an Actor on the American Stage – like George Washington and Ronald Reagan

Three Photo Captions:
“George W.” receives Ovation in Virginia General Assembly, Richmond
“George W. teaches kids...” Fredericksburg front page, photo at Ferry Farm, boyhood home
“George W.” beside “his” portrait in Harry Truman Library, Independence, Missouri

Statesmanship, or Acting in the Role of a Leader

America’s Educator and creator of America’s Dictionary, Noah Webster in 1828 wrote: (And note that once Webster applied for a job with GW, but was NOT hired.)

“Literary power and statesmanship
were combined in George Washington,
the greatest political leader of his time
and also the greatest
intellectual and moral force

of the Revolutionary period.

Everybody knows Washington
as a quiet member
of the Virginia Assembly,
of the two Continental Congresses,

and of the Constitutional Convention.

Few people realize that he was also
the most voluminous American writer
of his period,
and that
his principles of government
have had more influence
on the development of
the American commonwealth
than those of any other man.”

Fifty years before, in 1788, while waiting on the states to ratify the greatest accomplishment in his entire life, “this Constitution for the United States of America” – the Supreme statement of Statesmanship, one of the most
Sacred Documents in the History of Mankind – the President of the Constitutional Convention, retired General George Washington, wrote:

“A greater drama
is being acted on the American Stage

than heretofore has ever been
acted in the world.”

Not all “Acts” are “pretend” or fiction or drama, even though dramatic. In life are Acts of Courage, Acts of Kindness, Acts of Prayer, Acts of Grace, and Acts of God.

A member of the Virginia Assembly, and a teacher for three decades, and a man who knows His history, Delegate Lee Ware, wrote in 2002:

“What David McCullough and others are doing
between the covers of printed books,
Mr. Manship is doing in person...

the substantive information
combined with pageantry of costume

is an extraordinary entry
into the life and times of an era...”

I say, “I seek to share a ‘three dimensional portrait’ of The President ‘...first in the hearts of his countrymen’, George Washington, ‘He was second to none...’ ” The three dimensions to which I speak are his Public Life for America, his Private Life with family, and his Prayer Life from boyhood on.

Craftsmanship is key, I craft my “act”, my keynote, to your unique needs at your banquet or function.

--- Please contact me to learn of when I might be available for your function, or for information on the hundreds of companies, associations, conventions, schools, colleges, churches, or civic groups where “GW” has spoken.

For America’s Future, James Renwick Manship, Sr.


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