Sunday, October 22, 2006

Secret to Yorktown Revolutionary Victory...

This video gives a hint to the secret of America's Revolutionary Victory at Yorktown

After a bit of Washington Society video clips with "GW" with kinfolk, there is a battlefield scene where George Washington reveals his secret to success in war, and life!

Also you might like to look at a previous post to this GW weblog that tells who the "secret" true story about the man on the white horse at the British Surrender at Yorktown that few Americans know, and the story the National Park Service also did not tell correctly during this 225th Anniversary Celebration.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yorktown Victory Fireworks - almost like the sparkle of her eyes

The fireworks at the Yorktown Victory (in Jesus) Celebration were sparkling and magnificent...

But so were the sparkling excitement in the eyes of the many thousands of Americans and French who attended.

One lovely lady whose eyes were sparkling watched the fireworks from near the Customs House of the Daughters of the American Revolution, was Amy Nichole of Utah, via New York City where she has studied at the Fashion Institute to create Custom
prepared "Revolutionary" clothes. [For your next set of elegant apparel, see her website:].

Oh, by the way, in a.d. 1763, age 31 - before a man "shrinks" from advanced age, George Washington wrote his tailor in London, Charles Lawrence, saying: "Prepare me a suit of clothes for a man of my height - to wit, six feet high..." (so GW debunks the myth of most historians that George Washington was 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 3.5 inches tall.)

The lesson to be learned is that physical height is not the measure of a man, tiny Jamey Madison, like Washington, was a "Giant" of a man, two men primarily responsible for the Miracle in Philadelphia, the Political Revolution that George Washington led after the Military Revolution was won at Yorktown.

Become a "Giant of a Man", learn so to defend and protect "this Constitution".

Be "Revolutionary", build up on the past for a better future.

Cornwallis and "Washington" meet again at Yorktown for 225th

At Yorktown, Virginia on 19 October a.d. 2006, Lord Cornwallis met "General George Washington LIVES!" on Main Street at the Thomas Nelson House.

Click here to see a short video relating the meeting of "General Cornwallis" and "General Washington" at Cayce, South Carolina Historical Museum for the Battle of Fort Granby on 24 June a.d. 2006.

Click here to go to the post about the Cayce event with the distinguished actor Howard Burnham doing a splendid job portraying General Cornwallis.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fwd: Congressional Medal of Honor to Paul Tobin, lessons for today's Navy from History // Navy Birthday Present??

Begin forwarded message:
From: James Renwick Manship <>
Date: October 11, 2006 11:22:47 AM EDT
To: "Tobin, Paul E RADM USN((Ret)) Naval Historical Center, Director" <>
Subject: Re: Congressional Medal of Honor to Paul Tobin, lessons for today's Navy from History // Navy Birthday Present??

Dear Admiral Tobin,
Thank you for your reply.
I am glad to see we are in agreement, to a substantial degree.
My position is that as officers commissioned by Congress, we are leaders of the Navy, not followers of whim or whimsy, and as leaders we have a duty to do what is right, not that which is popular, however popular the current Navy Jack flag may be, it is flying due to historical lack of awareness of the truth.
So the logical corollary is that how ever popular the Fake Snake Navy Jack Flag may be, it is our duty to remove it if it is false, which is amply demonstrated it is "fake" by historical research by men such as Fowler in 1976, Clark in 1960, and RADM Preble in 1880.
I would with pleasure join with you and Ambassador Middendorf to write a letter to the Secretary of the Navy asking for a return to the Union Jack.
I would prefer to compose the letter to suggest to Secretary Winter to pose the option of selecting the Tree of Liberty Navy Flag, or return to the Union Jack.
Might we agree to compose this letter right away, before this years Navy Birthday, so to be a birthday gift of Truth to our beloved best Navy in the world?

For America's future (building up on our past),
James Renwick Manship, Sr.
Director, FirstNavyFlag.US

On Oct 11, 2006, at 10:34 AM, Tobin, Paul E RADM USN((Ret)) Naval Historical Center, Director wrote:
James, Good research on your part. Alas, he is no relation but must
surely be the most famous Navy Paul Tobin.

As I've always said, your research on the Flag is accurate. My view is
that the Navy likes the current flag and would not entertain a move to
change it at this time. I'd eventually like to see us go back to the
Union Jack.

Best, Paul Tobin

-----Original Message-----
From: James Renwick Manship []
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 8:07
To: Tobin, Paul E RADM USN(Ret) Naval Historical Center, Director
Subject: Congressional Medal of Honor to Paul Tobin, lessons for today's
Navy from History

Dear Admiral Tobin,

The attached Navy letter with imbedded images of the 1872 Congressional
Medal of Honor to Paul Tobin, and a description of a book by your
predecessor, RADM Preble.

I will be interested to see your response.

V/R, James Renwick Manship, (once upon a time, seemingly long, long ago,
LCDR, USNR -- keep smiling!)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hometown Paper for Washington and Lee shows GW

Well night a month after the Labor Day visit to campus, the aide to GW returned to Washington and Lee University, named for the two rebel Generals related by a marriage of a great granddaughter, on Monday, 2 October a.d. 2006 after a visit to Washington, DC to meet President George W. (and hear a few words from him, "You don't look like you know how to operate that thing." as I tried to shoot him with a digital, spy sized camera owned by an Air Force Flight Nurse)...

...and Washington, VA to see where George W. surveyed the town in a.d. 1749, and to visit the great and good folks the Longyears at their Fairlea Farms Bed and Breakfast, ...

... this visit to Washington and Lee was after the Labor Day visit of "GW" to the lovely Lee Chapel on the beautiful campus of Washington and Lee University which was when and where GW had the privilege of making the acquaintance of Mrs. Margaret Samdahl in the Book Store and Gift Shop of the Lee Chapel,...

...and the pleasure of introducing her to the local author, Frank Grizzard, Jr., who by Divine Providence he and GW were brought together while standing outside the Chapel, so to ask her to carry Mr. Grizzard's book on Washington's Prayers in her book store, "The Ways of Providence: Religion and George Washington". She now has the book for sale in her nice book shop.

(See an entry below for a lengthy book review of his book on GW's prayers, but a friend at church, Dean Stone, summed it up well, "Tell people to read the Appendix essay by Rev. Burk FIRST, next read Grizzard's opinions, and finish by reading Washington's prayers that are in the middle. Then decide for yourself whether Burk or Grizzard is right, whether the Prayers are in the penmanship of Washington." Pretty fine advice (even if a bit elaborated by the aide to GW), thank you Dean, I will do, and have now done, as you advise, with such wise advice, maybe you ought to be a Dean at Washington and Lee or other university. By the way, might Dean also advise that you go to college for knowledge, and as GW did, go to God in prayer for wisdom?)

(And you might want to take a day trip to go by the Washington and Lee campus, the Lee Chapel, and her book store to meet the fine lady Mrs. Samdahl and buy Mr. Grizzard's controversial but beneficial book, or call her at 540.458.8095 to purchase over the phone.)

Anyway, the very helpful Mrs. Samdahl mentioned that the local paper had a photo of GW in an issue on the Labor Day Parade, so as the loyal aide to GW, I went by to buy one.

While the photo in the Roanoke Times and the Washington Post showed GW with George Allen, Senator and former Governor of Virginia, this scan of the newspaper page shows GW with Governor Tim Kaine, former Mayor of Richmond, where there is a statue of Richmond inside the capitol by Houdon, and outside the capitol, on a horse high atop a monument column. Look for the video of the GW presentation at the Library of Virginia on George Washington's Birthday, and that has a portion showing the "equestrian statue" of Washington.

And in the photo above, General Washington is speaking with a One Star and a Four Star General, but in a.d. 1976, Congress passed a law that makes Washington now a Six Star General, so GW outranks both Generals, COMBINED! (smiles).

Good thing the photographer Jonathan McBride knows how to operate HIS camera so you can see the photograph above of three generals greeting one another at the Labor Day Parade.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

General Washington Info

General Washington Info

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