Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Washington Cruiser Liberty Tree Flag flies in U.S. Capitol

Fearless Farmers Fly Flag of Liberty under the dome of the United States Capitol

Saturday, July 19, 2008

GW points out Article VI, Section 4 of this Constitution, read and work to make true!

Farmer and Federalist George Washington showing a Future Farmer of America, Miss Christy Huffman of Virginia Tech the Seeds of the Tree of Liberty in this Constitution.

George Washington served as the President of the Constitutional Convention so is aware of some key provisions of that "Miracle in Philadelphia", one of which is Article I, Section 9, "the importation of such persons...", not slaves, bondservants, or chattel.

This Constitution recognized the manhood, the "personhood" of the black people who had been imported to the various states (by the state with the most number of slave traders from 1720 to 1808, when outlawed by this Constitution, was "The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations").

President Jefferson signed the legislation to implement that Article of this Constitution on 1 January a.d. 1808, the first day possible.

Article IV, Section 4 is also a key provision, for it is a reminder that our Founding Fathers were wise to know to fear a Democracy, so they created a Republican form of government, as herein stated.

Roanoke's Miss Bird captures George Washington on "video"