Thursday, May 04, 2006

American Indian Museum George Washington Statue at Smithsonian

American Indian Museum of the Smithsonian Institution has in an alcove overlooking the Washington Mall and the top of the Washington Monument is an impressive sculpture of Washington with three American Indians.

There is a description of the great service of the Oneida Indian people to the American Army and the symbolism of the many features of the sculpture on the wall beside the creation, that is read to accompany the visual survey.

Most attractive to me was the image of the little Indian girl standing behind George Washington, looking up at him and the Indian Chief, two men who protect her.

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On the National Day of Prayer, on the west lawn of the Capitol, a photograph of George Washington LIVES! with an Indian Chief and his wife was taken, that I pray I may obtain so to add to this posting of this "Journal, by George!"

This video was taken shortly after the National Day of Prayer in May, yet not prepared for posting until October after the 225th Anniversary of the Yorktown Victory in Jesus Celebrations, where George Washington LIVES! met an Indian lady, Mrs. Paige Archer at the Yorktown Museum and later at the library. The meeting with this fine Indian lady was the inspiration to find this video and post it for your viewing pleasure. Thank you, Mrs. Archer.