Friday, June 30, 2006

George Washington at George Washington Statue at South Carolina Capitol, then at Cayce Historical Museum Grand Event

The framed photos seen here are Mac screen shots of photographs by Miss Amanda Taylor of the Columbia Star newspaper.

A scan of part of the print version of her nice article is also provided, that is where Amanda quotes the Director of the Cayce Museum, Leo Redmond, about "Lord Cornwallis" and "George Washington", and then quotes "George Washington" on how he got into "this business" of being "the father of His country". That paper version of the Star was mailed to "George" by "Martha", Martha Chavis, that is.

The photos of the lovely little girl are by her proud as punch GrandMaMa, Martha Chavis.

You can see the online article by the lovely and talented Miss Amanda Taylor at:

The Online videos are by the multi-talented "Colonel" Steve Isom of (that is a picture of him to the side AND under George Washington in the second video image, below), some of his videos are at, these specific ones are available at:

The "father of His country" gives a hug to a lovely child of God named Christian, whose father serves in the military in Alaska, and who were visiting grandparents in Cayce. The little lady is the pride of her parents and her grand-parents, with the grandmother named Martha... a favorite name of George as you may well know.

A favorite pastime of "Good Old George" is to do his GrandPaPa George Revolutionary Reader Read-Alongs with children like Luke and Christian. {Contact GrandPaPa George at to have him come to your community or school to do a "Revolutionary Reading".}

[Click on the title above to link to to view the streaming video, prepared by a new aide to General Washington, Colonel S. Isom, who like Dr. Franklin, is Dr. Isom, an inventor who "plays with electricity" as you will see when you view the videos... By the way, Colonel Isom is standing tall directly in front of the statue of George Washington, and between the "President" and the Congressman, Joe Wilson. And the "Lobster Back" Red Coat is the gentleman General Charles, Lord Cornwallis, whose "Aide" is Howard Burnham of Columbia.]

Come Home to Cayce, Come Home to

The Online videos are by the multi-talented "Colonel" Steve Isom of (that is a picture of him to the side AND under George Washington in the second video image, below), some of his videos are at, these specific ones are available at:

Again thanks to good ole' Southern Hospitality of the fine folks at Cayce Historical Museum, who served up "Carolina Champagne and Caviar" (Iced Tea and Boiled Peanuts)...

... and to the photographers and videographers: Amanda Taylor of The Columbia Star, Steve Isom of, and Martha Chavis, of Grandmama's snapshots of Christian.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jed & Jamey - Kilbourne Park Poet & PaPa, with Virginia PaPa, Poet & Portrait Artist Did Unite to Write GW Prayer Poem

The Christmas Gift in the Year of Our Lord Jesus 1997 of a Poem from Columbia, South Carolina area Kilbourne Park Baptist Church Seniors Sunday School Director "Jed" Fleshman to "JameyGW" Manship, an author, actor, and advocate, was edited first to add power and passion to the words, and then edited to first person so to share with Prayer Warriors All Across America from anno domini 2000 to today...

[Click on the image to enlarge, click again to magnify further.]

To listen to a reading of the poem, go to the link below...

Poem posted on 24 June anno domini 2006 along with a day at Cayce Historical Museum where the co-author of the poem, James Renwick Manship, Sr., appeared in his role of The Spirit of George Washington the Christian LIVES! to bless many, many children, fathers and mothers with the words and work of Washington.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see." and some who call "crazy" to portray the "father of His country" George Washington; but those who have the wisdom to see an inspired by God performance of "George Washington LIVES!" know it is "crazy" if you do not see, the man, or the mission...

The primary poet is Jed Fleshman who is mentioned below on the website of Kilbourne Park Baptist Church,...

An image of Kilbourne Park Baptist Church where Jed Fleshman puts out weekly poems for his Sunday School Department... Go and enjoy his Gift of God...

Friday, June 23, 2006

GW accepts Sword of Cornwallis in Surrender in league with Cayce Cadre

[Click on the image to the left to enlarge it, click again to magnify further so to see the faces and the words closely.]

Local elected servants of South Carolina gather with citizens led by Leo Redmond, director of the Cayce Historical Museum, in advance of the Celebration of the 225th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Granby, 24 June anno domini 1781, at Cayce, South Carolina, a town that at the time was the principal commercial center in the Midlands, whereas Washington described Columbia as a patch of scrub and pine on his visit during his Southern Tour as President a decade later. Obviously, not in all things was George Washington's Vision for the Future prophetic.

Remember that in Charleston, Lincoln surrendered to the overwhelming force of his adversary, Clinton.

That is American hero and general, Benjamin Lincoln surrendered to British General Henry Clinton. Because of that, General George Washington thought "turn about is fair play" and so sent General Benjamin Lincoln, his Second in Command, to accept the surrender of the British Army at Yorktown.

Therefore, it was most fitting and proper that Charles, Lord Cornwallis, send his "Number Two", General O'Hara to surrender his sword to Lincoln at Yorktown. Yet ever the gentleman soldier, General Cornwallis graciously surrendered his sword to General Washington on this most auspicious occasion to honor the History of Cayce, South Carolina.

During the "Recent Unpleasantness" that locals describe as the "War of Northern Aggression" some Yankee soldiers broke off the end of the walking stick held by Washington, (as seen in the top left picture, behind General Washington's back) but the gentleman soldier, General Cornwallis offered his walking stick to General Washington to try to overcome, for a short time at least, the damage to America and all things American, of that later time in American History.

Just imagine, if every American had followed Washington's example and freed their slaves in their Last Will and Testament so to allow a gradual emancipation of the population to be assimilated into the economy of that time, so to avoid dislocation and even death by mass emancipation, then by 1850, or 1860 at the latest, there would have been no more slavery in America, and "Mr. Lincoln's War" would not have been fought, at least not for that reason.

And remember that William Wilberforce, who worked to eliminate slavery in the British Commonwealth was inspired in his actions by the words of the Founding Fathers in "this Constitution for the United States of America", the first national charter in the history of the world to have any limitation against slavery.

{Although Georgia, alone among the original thirteen states had in its original charter of anno domini 1732, also the year of Washington's birth, that two forms of slavery would not be allowed in the colony of Georgia, physical slavery, or "Slavery" as we know it today, and legal slavery. Originally lawyers were outlawed from Georgia because they cause "financial slavery" for citizens, and Georgia began as a debtors colony, men from Debtors' Prisons, imprisoned by laws and lawyers. Sadly, later, Georgia allowed both forms of Slavery.}

Do what you ask? You've heard our Constitution criticized because it did not abolish slavery then and there, but it did say in Article I, Section 9 that
"The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight..."

This clause was a compromise, for 20 years the Slave Trade would be allowed as legal to continue. But not necessarily for the "benefit" of the Southern States. Remember that one state boycotted the Constitutional Convention. Tiny Rhode Island, a "Northern State" did so, in part because from 1720 on to 1808, between 60 and 80 per cent of the American slave trade was carried in ships sailing out of tiny Rhode Island, slavery was a significant contributor to the economy of Rhode Island.

But look more carefully at the words used by the Founding Fathers: "Importation of such Persons...". The Founding Fathers did NOT use the words "slave", or "bond-servant", or "chattel", they used the word "Persons". The Constitution recognizes the "Personhood" of the black brothers in the hallowed words of this Miracle in Philadelphia.

The wise men who were the Founding Fathers elected George Washington to be the President at the Constitutional Convention in a.d. 1787. In a.d. 1786, Washington wrote to John Francis Mercer of Maryland saying, "There is not a man living who more desires to see the abolition of slavery than I do, but it must be done in gradual, peaceful means through legislation."

A year later, in the legislation of the Supreme Law of the Land, was planted the means for a gradual, peaceful abolition of slavery. The Founding Fathers believed that the abolishment of the Importation of Slaves would gradually end the Institution of Slavery, and likely would have done just that, except Technology intervened to make mince meat of those worthy aims.

In a.d. 1791, the Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin, that revived the failing economy of cotton farming, and so "King Cotton" was born. In the years after, most of the slaves in the northern states were "sold South" to the areas where "Cotton was King", and so the inspired dream ("I have a dream...") of the Founding Fathers to gradually eliminate slavery became a distant fading vision.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Decades as GW - Little Bear Wheeler as GW and GW Lives! meet in Virginia...

Much like "I dub thee Knight" with a sword touched on the shoulder of a Man of Honor, "George Washington LIVES!" places his sword on the shoulder of a great American Patriot and a most honorable man, Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler, who tells an awesome story of the life of America's primary patriot, George Washington.

This man is one who for decades has done much to revive and extend the honored name and reputation of the "father of His country", George Washington. Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler founded Mantle Ministries of 228 Still Ridge, Bulverde, TX 78163-1878. (830) 438-3777 to tell the story of GW and many other inspiring stories of our Godly heritage.
Learn more at

"The Spirit of George Washington LIVES!", also known as James Renwick Manship, Sr., is a relative "newcomer" in the portrayal of George Washington, yet for six years has wanted to meet this great patriot, Little Bear Wheeler, who has done so much for the making the name of George Washington again a "National Treasure" in the hearts, minds, and souls of American youth, and their parents, too.

The photographs are by a home school graduate, Seth Fisher/Through My Lens Photography (, and sent to GW by Susannah Miller. Both are important parts of the future of America.

In Richmond at the Convention Center, not far from the Capitol of the Commonwealth of Virginia where there are two statues of George Washington, one an equestrian one outside and the famous Houdin statute inside the Thomas Jefferson designed Capitol building, in June anno domini 2006, finally these two "GW"s met, introduced by Mrs. Florence Feldman, organizer of the annual Home Educators of Virginia Annual Convention where Little Bear was the Star Attraction, and for good reason as Little Bear spun wide and wonderful stories that sparked stars in the eyes of the children and adults alike.

A few months before, on George Washington's Birthday, 22 February anno domini 2006, also in Richmond at the Library of Virginia, George Washington LIVES! gave his rendition of the story of the Making of George Washington as a boy up to becoming a fine young man. A few weeks later at the Alabama Home School convention in Birmingham, GW Lives! had copies of the wonderful book "The Making of George Washington" by Congressional Medal of Honor recipient BGEN William H. Wilbur that tells much the same story in the printed word.

Many in that Library of Virginia audience were at the Richmond Convention Center to see Little Bear tell his wonderful stories of George Washington, so the home school scholars got a double dose of GW, and with this picture are even seeing double!

These two "living portraits" of George Washington were anything but silent stone statues as they compared notes on the real George Washington they both so much admire and both feel so privileged to portray to audiences near and far, all across America, from Sea to Shining Sea, in 121 cities, towns and villages, 7 rivers and streams, 8 mountains, 9 to 19 colleges and universities, 10 lakes to 33 Washington Counties from Washington County Maine, to Washington, District of Columbia, to the first capital of Texas, Washington on the Brazos, to Washington State, the only state named for a President, America is the "Land of Washington"!

Oops! Good thing I was rendering Honors to this good man and great patriot, notice the three soldiers behind me who have their guns aimed at my head in protecting their alter ego, Little Bear Wheeler...

[Click on the Title above to link to the Mantle Ministries website of Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler. He has lots of nice products for you and your children.]

George Washington - Man of the Millennium - Millennium Year Tour of America!

In the Millennium Year of anno domini 2000, a journey of over 30,033 miles crossing America from Sea to Shining Sea was begun and completed in a five month period from Washington's Birthday, 22 February to twenty days beyond America's Birthday, 4 July.

The journey was called:
"The CROSSings: All Across America, Journey (with Jesus), by George! A Prayer Pilgrimage.

The Prayers of George Washington were prayed kneeling in the Capitol or on the grounds, morning and evening, in or at each of the 48 Continental State Capitols, and at least once at each of the 33 counties named for George Washington, as well as at many of the 121 towns, villages, and cities named for George Washington, all across America, this Land that is rightly called, "The Land of Washington".

There is an Op-Ed in The Washington Times in December a.d. 1999, that gives a description of the "Geography of America, by George!" that gives a hint at the immense impact that George Washington had on the formation of America -- and still has in influencing modern America.

The incredible "Journey, by George!" of over 30,033 miles was a "post-graduate" education to the "Nth Degree" beyond and above any Ivory Tower education degree in learning the full measure of the man and George Washington. The information acquired in this "Real World Classroom" was "PHD - Piled Higher and Deeper" than is done in any college classroom.

Other than a certificate from William and Mary College to be the County Surveyor for Culpeper, George Washington never received a degree from college. However, a professor at Harvard, Albert Bushnell Hart, once wrote: "George Washington was the best educated man of his time." "Best" means better than the other Founding Fathers like Adams and Jefferson.

This is the a.d. 1973 edition of "The Making of George Washington"

If you are interested in why the Harvard professor would say the "un-educated" (as measured by a college degree) George Washington was the "best educated" of the Founding Fathers, write a note below, including a request for the information, which will be sent to you, or go read "The Making of George Washington", by Congressional Medal of Honor winner BGEN William H. Wilburt in the a.d. 2005 edition by Patriotic Education, Inc, on pages 133-4.

These are the front and back covers of the a.d. 2005 edition of "The Making of George Washington", one of the finest books on Washington, and essential to understanding the true character of the man "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen, he was second to none..."

If you want to become a "Master of American History" on George Washington, or his greatest life achievement, his presence and his presiding over the creation of "this Constitution FOR the United States of America"; or you seek to be a "Professor" (one who professes) of Republican Philosophy (as in a "republic", versus a "democracy", not speaking of political parties) and recognize the insult it would be to be called a "Doctor of Democracy", this website and related ones are the best place for you to be to become truly "educated".

And thank you for having the interesting in learning, or being "educated", even if you will not get a college degree with this education. (or at least not at this time, though the ConstitutionCollege.US site will be launched in the not too distant future, so to provide for our tomorrows, building up on our Heaven inspired past.)

Friday, June 16, 2006

George Washington Love Letter to Martha, 24 June a.d. 1776; Music by George Bush

[Click on images to enlarge,
click again to further magnify.]

To Mrs. Washington, & ct.

June 24, 1776

My dearest life and love,

You have hurt me, I know not how much, by the insinuation in your last, that my letters to you have lately been less frequent, because I have less concern for you. The suspicion is most unjust; -- may I not add, it is most unkind! Have we lived, now almost a score of years, in the closest and dearest conjugal intimacy to so little purpose, that, on appearance only of inattention to you, and which you might have accounted for in a thousand ways more natural and more probable, you should pitch upon that single motive which alone is injurious to me?

I have not, I own, wrote so often to you as I wished, and as I ought. But think of my situation, and then ask your heart, if I be without excuse.

We are not, my dearest, in circumstances the most favourable to our happiness; but let us not, I beseech thee, idly make them worse, by indulging suspicions and apprehensions which minds in distress are too apt to give way to.

I never was, as you have often told me, even in my better and more disengaged days, so attentive to the little punctilios of friendship, as, it maybe, became me; but my heart tells me, there was never a moment in my life, since I first knew you, in which I did not cleave and cling to you with the warmest affections… (continues…)

Now for the rest of the story…

The circumstances of which Washington writes were he was in the midst of moving the American Army from Boston to New York to prepare for the assault of 30,000 British troops! Ever the loving husband, might General Washington have had a few things to distract his attentions?

And the British were intercepting, and in this case publishing in the newspaper, Washington’s letters, so even while he was a loving husband writing home, we now know why Martha was not receiving his letters. Could this letter or others like it be why Martha burned near all their letters after he died?

Yet most important is how did Martha respond to her husband’s gentle chiding?
A “Lady Washington” song (recorded by Captain George Bush) tells that Martha left Mount Vernon and went to be with her beloved husband George at his winter encampment headquarters. While there Martha darned the socks, mended the uniforms, and nursed the sick soldiers. Martha showed signs of becoming a Biblical curse – “a nagging woman” (Proverbs 19:13, 21:9), yet instead became a Proverbs 31 “First Lady”!

This letter was discovered in the Rare Books Room of the Library of Congress on 12 February a.d. 2003, by George Washington scholar and historic interpreter James Renwick Manship, Sr., two days before he gave a “Love of Country” talk for Saint Valentine’ Day dinner.
-- For more information, please mail to: or go to the website: StatesManship.US.

Journals of other Lady Patriots describe what a wonderful woman was the Lady Washington!

Click on the song sheet image and read the text in the middle to see what other ladies said of the lady who became America's first First Lady!

[Click on image, and Click Again to Enlarge and Magnify so you can carefully read the text. Right Click on the image, and you may be able to save to your computer and enlarge even further.]

See this song written by an officer who served his country faithfully in war, ...
Captain George Bush.

(Isn't History fun, even a bit funny?)

[Oh by the way, this George Bush passed from this world without ever having a wife so not a direct descendent of the current well known "George W." -- see the bumper sticker below on that theme...]