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His (Modest) Excellency George Washington

His (Modest) Excellency
If You Can Keep It
By Mark Coombs
Jan 24 2007
If You Can Keep It

In 1932 — the year in which our first president, George Washington, would have celebrated his two-hundredth birthday — Harvard historians were busy trying to figure out exactly how to sum up the man, his life and his career.

They determined, according to authors Patrick Gerster and Nicholas Cords, that a comparison or two might be in order.

As it were, however, no less than seven would prove satisfactory.
Washington, our Crimson friends wrote, “was bolder than Alexander, more crafty than Hannibal, wiser than Caesar, more prudent than Gustavus Adolphus, more resourceful than Frederick, more sagacious than Napoleon and more successful than Scipio.”

’Twas, put simply, quite the “World’s Best Dad” acclamation for the Father of the United States.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

GW swarmed by Sixth Graders to autograph Constitution

In the Fincastle Herald, published in the town where there is a Revolutionary War cemetary that has more veterans from the Revolutionary War than any other cemetary in America, the Spirit of George Washington LIVES! again in the hearts, minds and souls of 220 Sixth Grade Students who heard History Come Alive.

As General Washington, LCDR Manship spoke for 45 minutes on "this Constitution for this United States of America".

GW charged the students of Read Mountain Middle School to read the mountain of wisdom contained in this Constitution, and to read at least the Preamble to ten other persons, parents, pastors and pals.

At the end, students swarmed around LCDR Manship for him to sign "GW" on their copies of this Constitution, which is what you see in this photo.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Free Enterprise "Dual in the Colonies" at Regent U.

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) at Regent U & Founders Inn hear from Founder George Washington

"Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die..."

George Washington gave Grace before the supper and then addressed the business school students from colleges and universities from South Carolina to West Virginia gathered for a competition in Free Enterprise underwritten by the Sam Walton Foundation.

The GW address spoke to His Story, including the history of Christian merchants and missionaries to China, the father and son team of Nicolai and Marco Polo. GW shared that in a.d. 1275 when Marco Polo traveled with his father Nicolai to the Court of Kublan Khan in China a man could buy a paperback book with paper money, an aspect of both communications and commerce not possible in Europe at the same time.

Yet years earlier the Kubla Khan was so impressed with Christianity as a benefit for his people that he told Nicolai Polo to return with 100 teachers of Christianity. However, the Pope only sent 3 Friars, and they turned back after the caravan was attacked by bandits in the Middle East. What a lost opportunity for acting on the Great Commission to go into all the world and share the Good News!

However, that same printing press technology that the Chinese and the Koreans had in the 1200s eventually made its way to Germany with the Gutenberg Printing Press.

There came the difference. Who remembers what was printed in China in the 1200s? Who remembers what was the first book to be printed on the Gutenberg printing press? Much of the world knows the first book on the Gutenberg press was the Holy Bible.

Years later, King James I of England tasked the church scholars of his day to prepare an authorized version of the Holy Bible and printed in 1611, which is known today as either the King James Version (KJV) or the Authorized Version.

That KJV Bible was used in the early settlement of Jamestowne in the colony of Virginia where the third paragraph was the purpose to "propagate the Christian religion to the inhabitants thereof..."

And today, you can go to the Dollar General store and with ONE General George Washington Dollar bill you can buy a paperback copy of the King James Version Bible, like Marco Polo was NOT quite able to do in China in a.d. 1275 under the king, or Kubla Khan.

The point is that a "Silent Partner" in any truly successful business is the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. And this Constitution for the United States of America measures its birth from the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Regent SIFE TY note

Regent University crest Thank You card

Mercy Me! Meet the Warren Family!

"GrandPaPa George" Revolutionary Reader Read-Along at the Founders' Inn in Virginia Beach with the wonderful Warren family of nearby Chesapeake where some time ago a much younger GW surveyed a route through the Great Dismal Swamp for the Chesapeake and Albemarle Canal as part of the grand plan to promote interstate commerce by means of an extensive network of intracoastal waterways.

The books in the young lady's lap are the "Jefferson Bible" (the lavender book) that tells the truth about the first "Jefferson Bible" being a "Gospel Tract" from the "Great White Chief" - the President, and what some historians and politicians say about Jefferson "cutting out the parts he did not agree with, the Virgin Birth, and the Miracles" is very deceptive. The truth is that the "Jefferson Bible" is very close to what we today might describe as a "Red Letter Only" New Testament. That explains why the Virgin Birth and the description of Jesus' Miracles are "cut out", because Jesus never described the Virgin Birth, or the Miracles. However, in one verse in John, Jesus did list the Miracles, which Jefferson included, so Jefferson did NOT deny the Miracles of Jesus by "cutting them out" of the so-called "Jefferson Bible".

The top book is a children's book telling of the Constitutional Convention where Washington was unanimously elected as the President over the Convention. One writer has tabulated that 38 of the 55 men at the Constitutional Convention had served under Washington's command, and so had total faith in Washington's integrity and leadership.

The light blue book is "The Making of George Washington" by W.W. II Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Brigadier General William Hale Wilbur, US Army. It is probably the best book written to understand the unique way Washington was educated to prepare him to be the greatest leader in American history and the Man for the Millenniums, the most important man in the whole wide world in the past 1000 years!

The book in the lap of "GrandPaPa General" is the book about Trenton written in the Year of Our Lord 2004 by "Second Lady" Lynne Cheney. The Warren's had already read that book, so instead GrandPaPa George read to them a favorite of his and his aide's beloved boy Jamey, the book "George Washington's Breakfast". Three copies of the book had been sent to General Washington by a children's literature expert, Mrs. Murray, in the fall of a.d. 2000.

In December a.d. 2000, one copy was given to Senator-Elect George Allen at the Hotel Roanoke (see post on that occasion below). About the same time another copy was sent to "Mrs. President George W." -- the First Lady Laura Bush, and she sent a nice thank you note.

Here in this photo you can compare the painting on the wall, "the real thing", and the printed picture on the greenback GW dollar.

Notice the noses.

By the way, that explains how this man fit "The Making of George Washington" as the book title says; Jeremiah 1:5 reads: "God knew His purpose for you before He formed you in your mother's womb to be a prophet to the nations."

That explains why God took an extra long time to form....

... an extra long nose...

so this man could portray George Washington, "the father of His country"!

Oh yeah!

By the way, the fine photographer is the marvelous Mama of these cute children, Mrs. Kathleen Warren. She also took a video, but it has not yet been prepared for posting by the much overworked (and underpaid ?) aide to General Washington, perpetual Midshipman Manship. So come on back to see when the video gets posted too. Thanks, and enjoy!

Monday, January 15, 2007

join GW's "Campaign for this Constitution"

New WISE Sponsors of Washington web site shares why it is wise to share some of your "National Treasure" with GW Lives! to aide the "Army for this Constitution" with the "Campaign for this Constitution" ~
All Across America, by George!

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Who is the true "Top Dog"? "GW" in Roanoke Times - Neighbors South - Community p. 4

"Top Dogs"
is the headline with photos on the "magazine" section Neighbors South of the Friday, 5 January a.d. 2007 issue of The Roanoke Times.

At the very top is the leader line "2006 Movies @@ Good, bad, and really ugly."

In America and Virginia in a.d. 2006 have been some really ugly fights of "The same fight" - the same old fight, the fight for the minds and hearts and votes of Americans so to control the reigns of government and reign over the people who give power to the public servants, not public officials, or public leaders, or even representatives of the public, but rather public servants.

Remember that President Washington would close his letters with the words:
"Your most humble & obedient servant,"

Might it be wise that if George Washington was conscious of being an obedient servant of the public in our American Republic (NOT a "democracy" a form of government that the Founding Fathers feared), that today's "public servants" might humble themselves to be wise and do likewise?

On the front page of The Roanoke Times are the headlines:

"The same fight"


"Pelosi takes up gavel as first female speaker".

Is that a gavel or a gauntlet?

Is it a duty or a duel?

Yet far away from the limelight of the national events and the front page, back in the real world deep in the heart of America, in the beautiful and blessed Blue Ridge, on the Community page, page 4, of the Neighbors South section, is the headline:

"George Washington in the flesh". (and it appears the blood?)

Retired many a year ago, "George Washington" is no longer our Nation's most sought after leader, or even a "Top Dog". Sadly, many students do not even remember who Washington was, the "Man for the Millenniums", the "World's Apostle of Liberty", the "Caped Crusader for this Constitution", the "father of His country", "America's Original Action Hero", the man who as President was "Second to None".

And in this article, the Top Dog may well be truly -- a dog -- a hunting dog afraid of the sound of gunfire,...

...whereas a brash and brave, young George Washington once wrote after a battle that may have started the French and Indian War "There is something lovely about the sound ..." of a bullet whizzing by.

Crazy you say? Crazy like a Fox! (related to a Top Dog?) Certainly the lovely sound is more sweet than the thud of bullet hitting you!

[Sorry, but could not find a link to the story online at, so if you want to read the article click on the Comments line below so you can send a comment or a request via email.]

You can read some more about the American Red Cross Blood Drive and "GW" being there to cheer on the Citizens to do their patriotic duty and give during the "Giving Season" of Christmas, ...

...but also "GW" was sharing a warning based on his own experience to ONLY GIVE ONE TIME on this one day -- three times in six months is also fine -- but NOT THREE TIMES in ONE DAY, for that, as Washington came to know, will really "lay you low..."

...and like George Washington LIVES! take quite some time to revive and really live again!

The article by Roanoke reporter Erica Myatt also tells how on Christmas Night, "GW" went to visit Veterans in the Salem V.A. Hospital, and to (kneel and) pray with them.

The article also tells how the local Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Chapter of premier patriot ladies gather gifts to take to the Veterans in the Salem V.A. Hospital,...

... and tells how one of their fine young ladies, their Vice Regent, Mrs. Samuel Fishburne Woody (Lee Hardin Woody) takes her gun-shy Labrador Retriever to the V.A. Post Traumatic Stress unit for Pet Therapy with the "Shell Shocked" and gun-shy Veterans there.

Truly a dog is a man's best friend, (next to a loving lady like Lee, its master, that is... don't want to create bad blood with the women-folk) and the Veterans love this dog's unconditional gift of love, a quality of love that most women or men have yet to learn how to give. What a Top Dog! (The Top Dogs in the photo below are Zoe Mae, the black Lab, and the yello Lab is Zeb a.k.a. "The Mess Pot" -- let's not ask from what that name derives... but somehow Lee is now known to some as the "Mess Pot Mama". )

And - oh by the way - the article does not have room to mention that the caring and loving lady who takes her Labrador to "love up" on the Veterans, cares for the soldiers like Martha Washington did, (see post below about the song the soldiers created and named "To my Hero, George" or "Lady Washington" that was "recorded" by an officer in General Washington's Army named Captain George Bush, yep, same name and former rank as the current president), and this fine lady just so happens to be a "Washington Family Descendant", ...

...who "George Washington" was able to meet "his Cousin Lee" just a wee two months before in October at a Washington Family luncheon in Yorktown and dinner in Williamsburg, both held in conjunction with the 225th Anniversary Celebrations of the Revolutionary War Yorktown Victory (in Jesus) Battle and British Surrender to Lincoln not Washington (read more on that in a post below),...

... where the American Army "turned the world upside down" as described in Acts 17:6, ...

The article tells a lot very nicely yet does not have the room to share that Washington's very special Cousin Lee Woody is a Learning Specialist/Assistive Technology School Specialist teacher at Cave Springs Middle School where on 15 November her "cousin" George Washington made a surprise visit to her and her students...

... after GW was talking at Faith Christian School directly across the street on the topic of "this Constitution for the United States of America"...

...and providing the teacher Mrs. Habib for each student his or her own copy of "this Constitution for"...

... along with a study sheet for a deeper understanding of the Supreme origins of the Supreme Law of the Land...

...that at this time of Christmas gift giving, of presents -- the present or gift of blood -- that connects each Citizen with the priceless gift of Liberty in Law that is this Constitution, a gift purchased for all Americans with so much pain, suffering, sacrifice, and blood...

When we think of all that we have been given in this much Blessed by God country, and we think of the soldiers at Trenton and Valley Forge, whose feet bled in the snow for lack of shoes and yet they marched onward as Christian Soldiers; who gave their lives for our Liberty, we recognize what a great Gift Our Father God gave us on Constitution Day. and even more so at Christmas, the gift of His Son, Jesus, the Supreme Law made Flesh.

Finally, this post was posted originally on the Twelfth Day of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and on this day, January 6th, in the Year of Our Lord 1759, George Washington made the best decision in his well lived life, when with the widow Martha Dandridge Custis by his side in the White House (her plantation home in Virginia, not the Executive Mansion in Washington), he said those life changing words when blessed with a God given marriage,
"I do."

Friday, January 05, 2007

GW wrote he was 6 feet high... Mt. Vernon's New Face - In Structure And Countenance - News - Mount Vernon Gazette - Connection Newspapers

Dear Friends,

One of my "scouts" who sends me intelligence, sent me a packet of information --

The "Dean" of George Washington's William Sommerfield is, or has, retired. Bless him, for he has done much to reawaken the American mind to the life of Washington.

The new Mount Vernon George Washington, Dean Malissa, was chosen from among the members of Sommerfield's Philadelphia American Historical Theater.

Some years ago, some Revolutionary War re-enactors told me they heard Sommerfield missed an event due to sickness and was planning to retire, so I wrote a letter to Jim Rees, Executive Director of Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens who I first met when I served as a volunteer at Mount Vernon, and later interacted with when Governor Gilmore appointed me to the Board of Visitors to Mount Vernon, offering to be an understudy to Sommerfield and stand-in when he was not able to make an engagement due to sickness or other cause. I did not receive a reply from Rees, or Sommerfield.

My first time as George Washington was some years before that letter, in the 200th Anniversary of the City of Alexandria George Washington Birthday Parade in a.d. 1997. Though I did not know there was that year a competition for the "George Washington Look-Alike", there was, and I won from among I believe 8 George Washington interpreters in the parade that year.

The year I began performing GW was in a.d. 1999 for about 95 American Christian Tour high school groups from all across America when in Washington, I was also on the Mount Vernon Board of Visitors. Mr. Sommerfield and I met in Richmond at the Virginia Historical Society at an opening of a double Washington exhibit (he in GW uniform, me in modern attire, wouldn't it have been fun if for the double exhibit there had been a "double presence" of George Washington - he and me?).

We had the occasion to chat a moment, whereupon I shared with Mr. Sommerfield that I had had the joy that year of performing as George Washington at that point to about 75 student tour groups, expecting that we might share some friendly banter about the fun and challenging questions one receives when serving as GW, or something of the like in pleasant conversation.

Rather than a comment of camaraderie, Mr. Sommerfield retorted: "You are not tall enough to be George Washington."

Beyond the fact that I was "a shade" taller than Mr. Sommerfield, I did not respond with that obvious observation. Instead, I responded:

"Sir, let me assure you, that height is but one of many ways where -- I -- will NEVER -- measure up to George Washington!"

Mr. Sommerfield's eyes widened to look like saucers, but said he not another word. We went each our separate ways.

Interestingly that event was on 2 July a.d. 1999, if I recall correctly. The next month in August, I took a young man from Soweto, South Africa who I had met at a Biblical Worldview Conference in Charlottesville given by Providence Foundation to view the same double GW exhibit enroute to taking him to the Richmond airport.

There I saw a letter from a 32 year old George Washington to his tailor in London, Mr. Charles Lawrence, telling him to make a suit of clothes for him writing "for a man of my height, to wit, six feet high..."

So whatever historians, including David McCullough in his otherwise wonderful book "1776", may say that George Washington was 6 foot 2 to 6 foot 4, both George Washington and his tailor thought otherwise. What did they know that modern historians don't know?

And by the way, GW's grandson, or rather Martha's grandson, George Washington Parke Custis, father in law of Robert E. Lee, in his biography of George Washington, "Recollections and Private Memoirs of George Washington" said his grandfather was "a shade over six feet".

Also I have read somewhere that George Washington's primary doctor, Dr. James Craik, measured Washington on the day of his death at six feet.

However, a few years ago when I was on the Mount Vernon Board of Visitors and I asked why they kept saying GW was 6-2 to 6-4 (which was it?) they trotted out that another of the three doctors, Dr. Brown I believe I recall, wrote that Washington was 6-3 and a half.

While Washington is an amazing man, you can add to that list of amazing feats that while he did not grow "feets" after he died, according to one doctor, he did grow inches!

Or at least in the minds of historians he grew inches.

I have written that far too many historians elevate Washington in height, while they diminish him in stature.

That used to be the case, but there has in the past decade been a revival of Washington books that praise the man,...

and in the past year six books on Washington and his Christian faith where he prayed and praised his Lord Jesus.

By the way, one of my intelligence scouts is "Private Barney Google". He seems to be able to sift through the WWW - Whole Wide World - of information to find relevant data.