Saturday, October 03, 2020

One week ago, last Saturday, 26 September a.d. 2020, General Washington was at the Prayer March of Rev. Franklin Graham, and The Return Revival of Prayer event on the Washington Mall in Washington.

To more easily carry the Washington Cruisers, First Navy, Liberty Tree "Appeal to Heaven" flag, GW wears a flag harness.   Last week the sand from the foot of the flag pole, and many times before over the past decade and more, wore through the canvass strap.

Today, a week later, in Washington County, Tennessee, here for the National Storytelling Festival, my AirBnB hosts Robert and Tonya, fixed my harness, so VERY WELL, it is now far better than when new!

Can not seem to easily post a photo of the new and improved flag harness.  Maybe later!  Time to suit up!

 For the Mount Vernon Civil Air Patrol Squadron, in 2007, I created a pocket size booklet titled:

A Civil Air for America:  George Washington's Rules of Civility... with the Civil Air Patrol Core Values.

I was not able to get a big Defense Contractor to fund the first printing so it could be an ongoing fundraiser for the Civil Air Patrol, so to share the work anyway, I created the Blog:

It is really "the best" publication of GW's Rules of Civility, because you can read the Rules in GW's own penmanship -- AND -- because per the suggestion of WWII Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Brigadier General William Hale Wilbur, USA (ret.), in his a.d. 1973 book "The Making of George Washington" from Patriotic Education, Inc. (now of Houston, Texas area), I arranged GW's 110 Rules of Civility into 7 categories, and made a modern "tweet" version of each GW Rule of Civility.

Since a.d. 2008, I have not posted any on this blog, today, 3 October a.d. 2020, I add 21 photos from the past several years, and will try to post here more often.  I plan to direct the URL of, to this blog.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spirit of '76 painting in Marblehead, Massachusetts, with the "Spirit of George Washington"

Marblehead is a lovely town and the "City Hall" is a most interesting "museum". If you get as far North as Boston, go the extra mile (or quite a few miles) to visit the Birthplace of the American Navy were the first of the Washington Cruisers were Commissioned by Commander in Chief George Washington.

The 7 Washington Cruisers flew a flag much like the reconstructed Liberty Tree Flag, or Washington Cruisers Flag, which was the TRUE "First Navy Flag", NOT the "fake snake" flag that now flies on the bow of American Navy ships due to misinformed quasi-historians in the Secretary of the Navy's office back during the Bicentennial in the mid-1970s.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A "Good View" at Buena Vista Labor Day Parade

The Miss Virginia (Miss Tara Wheeler) receives a bow from General George Washington at Maury Park after the Annual Labor Day Parade in Buena Vista, Virginia.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Washington Cruiser Liberty Tree Flag flies in U.S. Capitol

Fearless Farmers Fly Flag of Liberty under the dome of the United States Capitol

Saturday, July 19, 2008

GW points out Article VI, Section 4 of this Constitution, read and work to make true!

Farmer and Federalist George Washington showing a Future Farmer of America, Miss Christy Huffman of Virginia Tech the Seeds of the Tree of Liberty in this Constitution.

George Washington served as the President of the Constitutional Convention so is aware of some key provisions of that "Miracle in Philadelphia", one of which is Article I, Section 9, "the importation of such persons...", not slaves, bondservants, or chattel.

This Constitution recognized the manhood, the "personhood" of the black people who had been imported to the various states (by the state with the most number of slave traders from 1720 to 1808, when outlawed by this Constitution, was "The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations").

President Jefferson signed the legislation to implement that Article of this Constitution on 1 January a.d. 1808, the first day possible.

Article IV, Section 4 is also a key provision, for it is a reminder that our Founding Fathers were wise to know to fear a Democracy, so they created a Republican form of government, as herein stated.

Roanoke's Miss Bird captures George Washington on "video"

Monday, March 10, 2008

Red, White, and Blue Hug in the Schools for
"father of His country", George Washington

Anna Jeffrey, 5, of Woodstock, home of Pastor turned General Peter Muhlenberg, in the Red and White stripes of the Sons of Liberty (daughters, too!) hugs the man in the blue and buff uniform,

the "father of His country", George Washington!

Photo by Rich Cooley, Northern Virginia Daily, 10 March a.d. 2008

See the Rich photo essay with GW narration at:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"A Civil Air for America" Concept Cover for
A New View of Washington's Rules...

Click on the title to go to a website to read the pages of this "revolutionary" book.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

George In Classroom - All Across America

GeorgeInClassroom3 (Click on the image to enlarge for easier reading.)

The Lady in the red coat on the left of the upper left photo is The First Lady, "Mrs. George W.", Mrs. George W. Bush, that is, Laura Bush, who on Tuesday, 15 January visited Washington Mill Elementary School, the closest school to the Mount Vernon mansion house, just a little ways outside the West Gate, in Westgate subdivision.

The Lady standing is "Mrs. George W.", Mrs. George Washington, or Martha Washington, wonderfully portrayed by the wonderful lady Mary Wiseman of Potomac Avenue in the Mount Vernon magisterial district.

The photo graced the front page of The Alexandria Times on Thursday, 17 January. The other photos are of "George" in front of many a classroom already... But this "George" most heartily approves of these paintings of George being proudly placed in every American classroom!

Call Mount Vernon today 703-780-2000 to donate to support this great idea, or go to their Member page

Below shows "George" beside a painting of George by a Japanese artist that was given to President Harry Truman on display at the Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri. "Harry" is portrayed by Truman biographer and Living Historian, Neil Johnson, who used to work at the Truman Library.

Truman said his three favorite Statesmen in History, were Cato and Cincinnatus of the Roman Republic, and Washington of our American Republic (NOT a "Democracy" a form feared by the Founding Fathers, and wisely so!)