Saturday, October 03, 2020

One week ago, last Saturday, 26 September a.d. 2020, General Washington was at the Prayer March of Rev. Franklin Graham, and The Return Revival of Prayer event on the Washington Mall in Washington.

To more easily carry the Washington Cruisers, First Navy, Liberty Tree "Appeal to Heaven" flag, GW wears a flag harness.   Last week the sand from the foot of the flag pole, and many times before over the past decade and more, wore through the canvass strap.

Today, a week later, in Washington County, Tennessee, here for the National Storytelling Festival, my AirBnB hosts Robert and Tonya, fixed my harness, so VERY WELL, it is now far better than when new!

Can not seem to easily post a photo of the new and improved flag harness.  Maybe later!  Time to suit up!

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