Saturday, October 03, 2020

 For the Mount Vernon Civil Air Patrol Squadron, in 2007, I created a pocket size booklet titled:

A Civil Air for America:  George Washington's Rules of Civility... with the Civil Air Patrol Core Values.

I was not able to get a big Defense Contractor to fund the first printing so it could be an ongoing fundraiser for the Civil Air Patrol, so to share the work anyway, I created the Blog:

It is really "the best" publication of GW's Rules of Civility, because you can read the Rules in GW's own penmanship -- AND -- because per the suggestion of WWII Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Brigadier General William Hale Wilbur, USA (ret.), in his a.d. 1973 book "The Making of George Washington" from Patriotic Education, Inc. (now of Houston, Texas area), I arranged GW's 110 Rules of Civility into 7 categories, and made a modern "tweet" version of each GW Rule of Civility.

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