Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cracker Jack of a GW idea, from a Cracker Jack of a Naval Officer!

Cracker Jack of a GW idea, and ideas, from a Cracker Jack fellow and Naval Officer, Captain Kevin Wensing, now retired, but renewed and working hard for our country, our One Nation Under God.

Young GW

GW in a cross format, or in fours - format...

A diamond from the rough?

This thoughtful note and Cracker Jack prize was mailed 30 October a.d. 2006 from Captain Wensing in the suburban Washington DC area, to "Manship" where the stamp shows a ship manned by God fearing men whose purpose in part as described in the Virginia Charter of 10 April a.d. 1606 was the "propagation of the Christian religion to the inhabitants thereof..." that crossed the Atlantic beginning in December a.d. 1606, and arrived at Cape Henry in late April a.d. 1607, and after scouting around the various rivers that pour into the Chesapeake Bay at Hampton Roads, found a good site a bit up the James River, where they settled, to form Jamestowne.

At Jamestowne, America's first representative assembly was convened in a.d. 1611. At that first assembly was an elected servant representing the settlers at Flowerdew Hundred up the James River, named John Jefferson. Hmm, that family name sounds familiar! (Read on below on the Son-day, 22 October a.d. 2006 entry to see that name reappear nearly 200 years later.)