Saturday, February 22, 1997

Happy Birthday George Washington, America's Original Action Hero, Caped Crusader for "tHis Constitution..."

The 22nd of February

Happy 275th Birthday, anno domini 2007

Happy 300th Birthday, anno domini 2032

"When the birthday of Washington is forgotten,
Liberty will have perished from the earth."
- President, 23 February a.d. 1860
(who was the President to whom I refer?)

How close are we in America today to have forgotten the true meaning of Washington when he is watered down and clumped together with lesser souls in a Madison Avenue mis-phrasing of "Presidents' Day"?

Take time to search this site to learn anew about the old and true... George Washington!

Welcome, and Happy Hunting in the fields of splendor for the Truth of George Washington!

Washington was described by Thomas Paine as "The World's Apostle of Liberty".

George Washington is America's Original Action Hero, a "Super Hero"

"The Caped Crusader for this Constitution",

"The Man for the Millenniums!"

The most important man in the world in the past 1000 years.
The first military man in over 2000 years since before Jesus Christ
since Cato and Cincinnatus of the Roman Republic;
the man who signed "Your most humble & obedient servant,"
the man who refused to be named King of America,
and thereby gave birth to our American Republic,
rightly earning the revered title of

"father of His country".

The Man for whom the Federal Holiday in February is named,
Washington Birthday Federal Holiday

(NOT "Presidents' Day", think rationally,
do "We, The People" really want to honor all the past presidents?
Think of the disgraces of Clinton, Nixon, Harding, Grant.)

And for those Presidents we do choose as worthy to honor,
let us create a new Presidents Day for April 13th,
the middle of the longest time between federal holidays.

As was said by General and Congressman "Light Horse Harry" Lee,
father of General Robert E. Lee, in his eulogy of 26 December a.d. 1799,
George Washington was, and ever should be...

"first in war, first in peace,
and first in the hearts of his countrymen;
he was second to none..."

Washington at Reagan's Boyhood Home,
Fathers' Day a.d. 2000, Dixon, Illinois

Second to None, before Ronald Reagan (Republican)
Second to None, before Thomas Jefferson (Republican, not Democrat)
Second to None, before Theodore Roosevelt (Republican)
Second to None, before Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat)
Second to None, before Harry Truman (Democrat)
Second to None, before Andrew Jackson (Democrat)
Second to None, before even Abraham Lincoln (Whig, Republican)

Presidential Portraits, in Paint and Person...

Harry S. Truman portrayer, Neil Johnson
Japanese artist copy of "keyhole" portrait
George Washington portrayer, J.R. Manship;
Photo taken on Harry Truman's Birthday,
the 8th day of May, in the Year of Our Lord 2000, in the town of Independence, Missouri, at the Truman Presidential Library.

We at W.I.S.E.
Washington Institute for Statesmanship Education
welcome your wise comments,
and quotes by folks famous,
not so famous,
and even infamous quotes,
or "wise-cracks" about
George Washington.

So we can keep a pulse on the "body politic"
and assure that
George Washington LIVES
in the minds and hearts of Americans!

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BGK said...

Hi, Our family enjoyed meeting you and your presentation at the CHEF covention in Alabama this past weekend. You were so kind to pray with my son and talk to my daughter.

God Bless You,